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Create a database,
as easily as a spreadsheet

For anyone who is frustrated
with using a spreadsheet to…

Fieldbook lets you track and organize anything in a familiar grid format, but with the power of a custom database.

You already know how to use it

If you've used a spreadsheet, you already know how to get started with Fieldbook. It's just a grid—add whatever rows and columns you want.

Your data has multiple dimensions—why do spreadsheets only give you two?

Spreadsheets quickly get out of hand when you have to track multiple dimensions of data—like Projects, Tasks, and Owners; or Candidates, Roles, and Interviews. Fieldbook makes it easy to track these relationships.

Sort, filter & group like a pro

Filter on any column or formula. Sort or group with a single click. Create advanced queries without having to learn a query language. Then save any view to get back to later, or to share with your team.

“I began using Fieldbook over a year ago when I was president of an organization running 30 events a year. I had to track finances, marketing, vendors, and over 30 volunteers. I dumped all my lists into a Fieldbook project, and miraculously, I was organized. I am very picky about using digital tools. Fieldbook is simple so it truly enhances my productivity.”

—Jean Moroney, Thinking Directions

“Wow—I can't tell you how much Fieldbook was EXACTLY what I need! I needed to do some spreadsheet work, but nothing seemed more distasteful to me. Fieldbook made that completely unnecessary! I was able to set up my pricing formula in about 5 minutes.”

—Jennifer W., Salt Lake City

“Fieldbook is my go-to for complex list making. It's as easy as a spreadsheet but with much of the power of a database.”

–Matt Maurer, Founder, Stroll Health

“Fieldbook is amazing, something I've been wanting for years.”

–Kevin Riggle, security researcher

And it's free

You can use Fieldbook for free. Interested in business features such as team administration and priority support? Contact us about premium plans starting at $10/user/month.